Indonesia is a country that has great potential and abundant natural resources for agricultural and plantation products. In this sector, Indonesia has various types of plants. Different tropical climatic conditions support it. Biodiversity is supported by the distribution of geographic conditions in the form of low and highlands. Abundant sunshine and rainfall intensity which evenly distributed throughout the year in some areas. The diversity of soil types allows the cultivation of various kinds of native tropical plants and commodities introduced from the region. Subtropical evenly throughout the year in Indonesia.

The agricultural and plantation sectors in Indonesia are the backbone of the national economy and development. Living in rich and fertile land has made us conscious of cultivating abundant crops and contributing to government programs to advance the economy. Our current focus is on coffee and spices. We collaborate and build long-term cooperation with the farmers.

PT Jaya Perdana Commodity is a company that focuses on Indonesian agricultural products. We are focused on selling Indonesian coffee and spices. We are proud of Indonesian coffee, which has many specialties and unique flavors. The abundant herbs are also a source of pride. We work with farmers to market their crops. Our passion is to have a strong bond with the farmer in exploring their capability for quality and quantity.



To become a world-class company that provides the best Indonesian comodity products.


  • We provide the best commodities by applying quality control of products continuously.
  • We build close cooperation with farmers and logistics services to maintain service commitments to our customers.
  • Build trust between stakeholders


We believe with our commitment and passion will bring success to our vision and mission

Gandhi Perdana

Chief Executive Officer

Novatino Jaya

Chief Operating Officer


Chief Marketing Officer